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Why Us?

  1. Most Comprehensive Coverage Available

  2. We offer”Exclusionary” coverage (commonly referred to as “Platinum Coverage” or “New Car Coverage”).
    Exclusionary covers all of your vehicles parts and mechanical breakdowns excluding just the few wear and tear items, such as brake pads, that are specifically excluded.

    All of our Plans also include:

    • Towing
    • Rental Car Coverage (commonly referred to as a “Loaner”)
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Tire Repair & Replacement Coverage
    • Travel Discounts
  3. You get to choose the dealer or repair shop that provides the Best Service or is MOST CONVENIENT

  4. With a manufacturer warranty, you can only use the manufacturer dealership, even if that’s way
    across town, or in some cases, just too busy. Meanwhile, with some aftermarket vehicle service
    contracts, you must take the car to a specific repair shop chain, like Firestone. With 5 Star’s
    Repair Protection Plan’s you get to choose either the dealer, or a local friendly repair shop.

  5. Increase your Vehicle’s Resale Value

  6. With extended repair coverage in the form of a Vehicle Service Contract (“VSC”), you can get necessary
    repairs done when they’re necessary with approved parts. So you’re vehicle will be in perfect operating
    condition when you go to sell it or trade it in. Further, by locking in your coverage level now, you
    can offer the next owner a coverage level that they would no longer be able to get with our one time
    coverage transfer option.

  7. Best Prices and Money Back Guarantee

  8. By buying your extended repair coverage through one of our agents today, you are eliminating the extra
    overhead cost of a car dealership, which saves you money. You can also cancel your coverage anytime
    within the first 30 days to get a full refund of your activation fee.

  9. Predictable Budget – No Gambling, No Stress

  10. If you think you can’t afford our repair protection plan, then you certainly can’t afford a $4,000
    transmission repair. These days, you can’t get out of a repair shop for under $700 for a simple part
    like a Starter. Onboard computers, brake master cylinders, joints and valves run in the

    Such unexpected repairs can cause you to lose your car to a Mechanic’s lien or force you to sell your
    car for almost nothing, only to replace it with a $300+ monthly car payment.

Don’t wait for your Car to break down or your Check Engine light to Turn On, that’s when it is too late!

Why activate today?

The Coverage Levels available for your car change as you your mileage increases.
Once locked in, you keep your coverage level for the entire term of your contract, which can be up to 5 years.


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