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Benefits of Purchasing a Vehicle Service Contract

A major benefit of vehicle service contracts (VSC) is the peace of mind they offer to customers looking for protection against unexpected repair costs to their vehicles. Here are several benefits to purchasing a VSC:

Your Investment is Protected
For many Americans, their car is their most important asset. It takes them to work, to pick up the groceries and to drop off the kids at school. You want the peace of mind that if a large unexpected repair need comes your way, it will likely be covered. The comfort in knowing that you won’t be struck with debilitating unexpected repair costs goes a long way for many vehicle owners.


Reliability on a Budget
VSC often allow consumers to make payments over time, so that expensive car repairs can be fit into tight budgets. An initial payment is normally required to start coverage, and payment options vary, but often consumers can find a contract with payments that fit their budgets.

Your Vehicle May Perform Longer
The protection of a VSC covers many different parts of a vehicle, depending on which type of contract you have purchased, that may go beyond a manufacturer’s warranty. Coverage of these vital components means they will receive the service they need to ensure a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.


Your Unexpected Ownership Costs May Be Reduced
Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of associated costs and customers, more than ever before, are looking for ways to cut costs. For many, this means stretching out the length of the auto loan in order to get lower monthly payments. With a VSC, your monthly payments already include coverage of some of your repair costs, meaning there are fewer unexpected costs to come with owning your vehicle.

Your Vehicle’s Value Increases
Many VSCs will allow you to transfer ownership of the contract along with the vehicle. If a buyer is interested in your car, having a VSC can make it more attractive. Passing along peace of mind to another driver is one of the best ways to ensure sales success.


Your Payments are Hassle-Free
With a VSC there is no need to get buried in paperwork or submit a payment with hope of being reimbursed in a timely fashion. Payments for repair of your vehicle go straight to the repair facility, making repairs a stress-free transaction for you.


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